Afghan war important for…er…um

The US and British governments today reaffirmed their commitment to the Afghan war. When asked why, The British Prime Minister said: “Yes I am feeling well today thank you, and the economy is looking up.”  Journalists trying to squeeze an answer out of the duo, tried Obama. 

The US President, who has committed billions more dollars and tens of thousands of troops, remarked “Without us, I’m sure there’d be civil war, women would be treated like second class citizens, opium production would thrive, and the Taliban would be everywhere.  Whereas, with us… Oh is that the time, sorry must dash.”

A random Afghan commented: “We really appreciate that we had a pretend election, that was fun. Now we can join other great countries that have had pretend elections too; like Iran and Russia.  We also like it when American bombs fall; they are so much more high tech than Soviet bombs, it really is an honour to have your mud hut flattened by such sophisticated equipment”

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