North Korea holds Annual Tantrum

Once again providing the world with entertainment, North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has held his annual tantrum. “It’s not fair! Why aren’t we rich? I want some more bombs, why don’t those South
Koreans hurry up and die, I want my daddy.”

Showing the lovable side of the East Asian prison camp, the North Korean, Very Accurate, This is Really the Truth, News Service, announced: “The rest of the world envies our patriotic starvation, ideologically sound executions and well designed graveyards. Never before in the history of the world has a genius like Kim walked the earth, and he's not sick, as god doesn't have ill health."

A CNN reporter commented. “Kim’s feeling a bit left out frankly, in the old days he’d just have to threaten to invade the South to get the world's media clamouring for a soundbite from him. Then he was revelling in the attention when he had a bomb, but now he’ll have to dance naked on the DMZ to get the Iowa Bugle out here. Oops, shouldn’t of said that, I don’t want to give him any ideas”
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