Architects propose turning cities into giant cubes

After the stunning success of modernism in placing humanity in glass and concrete
prisons by day, and ugly beige boxes at night, architects are moving onto new frontiers. A spokesdrawing for the Architects' “enslave humanity” committee had this to say: “We've got you to build skyscrapers you hate, and live in aesthetic nightmares you now think are fashionable, it surely will not be too difficult to turn your cities into cubes. We just need to babble on about “clean lines” give out a few awards for “most soulless use of empty space” and “most gratuitous use of concrete” and you’ll be queuing to get into mega cubes. You just can’t get enough of our sadism. I f we told you to cut off you own legs to give you a “less cluttered” look you’d probably do it.”

The far future looks even better. “By careful use of fusion weapons we hope to remove the untidy curves of the earth and give our planet a more, well, modern, look”