Bush Secures New Job in Disaster Creation Industry

Confounding his many critics, ex President Bush has secured a plum job in the
disaster creation business. A spoketsunami from “Disasters 'R Us” said. “Who is better qualified- a quick glimpse at the economy and Iraq should remove all doubt” “Disasters”: An alliance of bankruptcy specialists, reconstruction experts and undertakers, was hoping for great things from the ex President.

“We’re expecting Bush to mismanage a few companies into Chapter 11, then maybe we’ll move him on to dam construction, preferably one upstream of a major city, then put him in charge of nuclear safety. It’s very hard getting the Exprez’s services, the Pacifist Alliance is trying to convince him to run a major arms dealership, not to mention that sideline he’s been running as an economic advisor to Zimbabwe. A talent for disaster like his, you only find once in a generation, we’ll not see he’s like again.”