Scientists underestimate insanity of climate change “Skeptics”

The latest output from the “Institute of a Stable climate” that suggests
“invisible plasma comets” are responsible for Australia’s record high temperatures and drought, has sealed the reputation for climate change deniers as…differently-abled in the sanity sphere.

A spokesloon for the Institute, under conditions of strong sedation, ranted “I have ice cubes in my refrigerator, this proves that global warming is a myth, where’s your precious greenie, leftie, god now Al Gore, huh?, huh?, It’s all a conspiracy by money hungry hippies and greedy anarchists” Proceeding paused here as more sedation was administered, and the spokesloon removed some foam from his mouth.

A spokescloud for the IPCC commented. “We used to think they were just deluded or in the pay of oil companies, but after listening to stories about “leftist satellites”, “liberal graphs” and “unpatriotic glaciers” I feel kind of sorry for these guys.
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