Anti Capitalist conspiracy meets in Copenhagen. Economy destroying pact to follow: Fox News.

The deluded socialists of the world are approaching an agreement on how to line their pockets.  Well known

climatologists, like the geologist Ian Pilmer, and many Republicans, have exposed this attempt to destroy the American way of life. Eco-maniacs are plotting  to bury the SUV beneath a pile of so-called regulation, for the sake of the so-called planet, and our so-called children.


Chinese eco-warriors, and the US Presidential sell out, were meeting behind closed doors to laugh manically at the thought of civilisation as we know it collapsing.  All together, the leaders of more than 100 countries, and their so-called scientists, were overheard conspiring against right thinking Christians, and their god given right to burn as much coal and oil as Jesus intendedwhich is quite a lot.