New Eurocurrency- The Dither

The EuroParliament has unveiled a new currency more in keeping with the spirit of the EU; The Dither. Each Dither will be divided into ten Vagues, and three Summits. A seven and and half Bureaucrat coin will be issued for special occasions.

The French minister for blaming Anglo Saxons explained. “Soon we hope to issue our millionth regulation. What better way to celebrate? Truly, the Dither is a new beginning.“ He continued; “The present crisis is caused by the banks. How could they have been stupid enough to lend to us?”

Germany welcomed the announcement, and also indicated it would sit this new currency out. Chancellor Discipline boasted. “Ha Ha, someone else can bankroll the Italians, Spanish and French.  We're going back to what we do best; Producing overpriced cars and lecturing everyone else about how to behave better.  No I don’t mean that ironically”