Godzilla to be taken off “all Tokyo diet” urged to eat more New York and London

Everyone’s favourite post nuclear, destructive, mutant; Godzilla, was today urged to switch from his usual meal choice of choice, Tokyo.  A leading monster nutritionist commented “Godzilla has been dining on Tokyo skyscrapers and the Japanese since the 1960’s. Such a diet can’t be good for a growing monster and her brood of village destroying children. To avoid indigestion, she really needs to add some Brooklyn Bridge and Chrysler Tower to her diet.  A few extra plump Americans couldn’t hurt either.”

A Spokesthing from the London Lord Mayor’s office said. “While we appreciate the kind offer the Japanese have made us, that is to have “Godzilla chew on Big Ben, with a Buckingham Palace entrée’, we’ll have to decline this time, I’m sure our London buses would give her stomach problems”  

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