Greece Renames debt, iDebt- Promises: Sleek, Cool, Sexy Debt

Taking a page from Apple marketing, Greece has repositioned its debt as iDebt.  Said a Greek

Government spokesbeggar; “We have learned from Apple: They produce something useless for $500. At least with Greek debt, you’ll probably get some of your money back, and you will not have to worry about changing the battery on your debt.  Also, unlike the iPad, your debt will last for years.  With new hipster Greek debt, you can’t fritter away money on debt apps you’ll never use.”

Mr Patsakoulos continued.  “You’re just not anyone unless you’ve got some hipster Greek iDebt.  Naomi Watts keeps her Greek iDebt in her handbag.  David Beckham wouldn’t go on the field without  his Greek iDebt.  People will admire you when you pull out your Greek bonds at a restaurant.”

A Spokesenforcer for Apple commented: “We resent the Greeks using our marketing.  If people  are to spend their money, we’d prefer they  spent it on the Apple  give-me-your-cash application.  If not, the iTunes , I-Can-has-your-credit-card app, would be an acceptable substitute.