New US Health Plan: Transfer brains of poor people to robot bodies, sell their organs

In an inspired piece of lateral thinking, the US Health Secretary has proposed a new way out of the US health disaster.  All uninsured poor people (the fastest growing demographic) will have their brains removed and placed in a robot body.  The cost of doing so will be recouped by selling their liver, kidneys and other assorted organs to the rich. 

The move is attracting bipartisan support.  A Republican commented, “This takes the best parts of the old system; punishing the poor, rewarding the rich, and that edgy insecurity of knowing bankruptcy is just one hospital stay away.  Now the poor need only visit a mechanic to get themselves fixed up.  As a bonus they will not be able to breed."

Doctors have long complained about treating the poor.  A spokesyacht explained, “They often smell and can’t afford the medicine we prescribe.  How are we going to earn our kickbacks from the drug companies if we keep treating the financially challenged?  Excuse me, I’ve got  to run to a…er…conference in Hawaii; Pfizer really are great people."

Responding to criticism that he is creating a race of resentful, super-strong cyborgs that will destroy society from within, the Health Secretary replied, "I'd rather deal with the Terminator than the HMO’s; those guys really scare me.”  


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