Homeopathy Ineffective in Treating Gullibility


The Institute of Quantum Crystal Vibration, today published a review of homeopathic treatment for the gullible.  Announcing the results, a Spokesaura commented :  “Despite giving them distilled water and milk sugar in the tiniest dose, we found the subjects just as gullible after treatment, as before.  Several of our patients were signing up for time-shares and lottery tickets immediately after taking their medicine.”

Observers have described homeopathic hospitals as “honey pots for the credulous”.  As a result, Scientology recruiting agents, Aura readers, and a variety of religions have set up shop outside. Others enterprises were offering loans “as low as 1% a day”.  The Reverend Brimstone commented: “The gullible are a precious resource that all religions, right wing politicians, quacks and marketing gurus have to share.   We know that if we can find someone who believes that distilled water can cure cancer, we’ve found the right sort of person for our church.  Hallelujah!!, praise the lord.”