Iran unveils Intercontinental Ballistic Power Stations

Denying that it has any ambitions for Nuclear Weapons, Iran has
shown off its new “Rapidly deployable, guided, nuclear reactor” A Spokesistope from the Iranian department of Not Making Bombs, explained: “See this rocket, it’s not a missile, it just helps get the…er…reactor to where we need it. Say, for instance, our Israeli friends need a crater dug in the middle of Tel Aviv, we could deploy…power station in minutes.”

Russia has complemented the Iranians on their technical leaps. Emperor Putin remarked “I hope the Iranians deploy one of their reactors in America, Then we could bring back the good old Soviet empire…I mean Union."  Iran’s supreme leader, election fixer, and chief torturer, Ayatollah Mussolini, added: “We’re hoping to share our gift from God with the Sunni heretics soon. Those Saudis had better watch it, if they know what’s good for them”