Proof that Kevin Rudd and Julia Gilliard are androids

The completion of the android takeover of Australian politics continued today, as Kevin Rudd was replaced by an electronic look alike. The treasurer described the Prime Robot as "more life like than the old human one, that kept getting stuck. We had to give it a good bashing to stop it saying working families after every second word"

The Prime android commented: "I stand before you today, a part of a working family, trying hard to facilitate a process of going forward for all Australians"The Department of Obstruction was said to be pleased with their new master. The new prime-ministerial machinery was described as "warm and convincing" in comparison with the old one.

Insiders also reported that Julia Gilliard, minister for the Universe, has an accent that is far too annoying to be real. Professor Scald said "Her voice must have been devised to inflict mass audio terror for the purposes of subjugation."


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