Absolutely, completely stuff 

Dear Sir

As you know, the "in" thing, on everyones lips, at the top of the trendy list. Being sung about, read about, and discussed throughout this mighty land, is: Scottish fence posts 1863-1945. Why are you the only publication that ignores this?

Angus McTierd

Scottish Fence Post Appreciation Association, media liaison

Dear OzPravda

My life was so empty until I read OzPravda, now at last I have a purpose in life; to kill you.  Could you make it a little easier by posting your name and address?


-Vladimir Putin- New Russian Empire  

Dear OzPravda

Your publication is so glorious, I fear I have only one life to sacrifice for it.

-A completely objective, dispassionate, reader- Lithuania

Dear OP

Do you have a version of OzPravda with pet hair remover?, I like to brush my cat while reading.

 -Lewtin Snerkle- Denmark

There are clinics for people like you, if there are not, there should be-Ed.