“Birthers” accuse Obama of being an Alien

Is Obama hiding an even darker (so to speak) secret? According to some elements of the “Birther” movement, Obama was not born on earth,

but is an extraterrestrial in disguise.

Pointing to the Obama’s unusually calm manner, a Spokemaniac for the movement said: “We used to think it was because he was Kenyan, but now we know he’s not life as we know it.  Look at the suspicious way he finishes sentences: Bush couldn’t do that, so obviously Obama is not of this world.  And what about those ears: I’ve seen enough science fiction to pick an alien when I see one.”

Removing his aluminium helmet  (protection from alien mind control rays, apparently)  the Spokesobsessive continued:  “It’s not because he’s black, no way, we’d reject him even if he was Asian, Indian, or Jewish, in fact even more if he was Jewish- as everyone knows they’re in league with the lizard people.  Pardon me, but that cross is not going to burn itself.”