Pyramid's Secret Revealed; Emits stupidity rays

At last the secret of the Pyramids can be unveiled.  Way ahead of their time, the ancient Egyptians had perfected the art of storing and transmitting stupidity.   Among those affected is “Mark” who claimed the pyramids were space vessels for intergalactic Druids.  He remarked; “That pointy bit at the end must be for traveling through the atmosphere.  What else could it be for?”

We also talked to Leslie, an obvious victim of the ray, meditating near the pyramids under a hemp cloth sunshade.  She had her own theory about the pyramids: “They realign the cosmic vibrations, of, er...the aura of oneness …that gets you in touch with the…um the soul of Mothra…Oh is that the time? I’ve got to rush to have my Chakras realigned, and get in touch with my inner moron”   

Recently, tunnels have been discovered under the Pyramids. Those struck by the ray have described these as “Dwellings of the mole people”, “Underground storage for space ship fuel ”and“ A tunnel to the hollow earth."

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