Sarah Palin, role model for the incoherent, resigns

Said the world most famous moose stalker: “I just want to follow the wheel of fortune- to dream a better dream for the nation, and my knitting, revealing itself as a new calling from god.” As several inexperienced Palin watchers tried to make sense of her words (long time observers knew better) the Republicans breathed a sigh of relief. She continued:

“It’s time to do my best for Alaska-Of course I can’t do that from the Governor’s office, that would be just like all those other deaf fish in Washington. Helicopter, bagel and sturgeon, as my father used to say. Me, my family and many fine carports will take a new direction in changing the tyres of our great washing machine of a nation. I thank you all for coming here today, and vibrating your harmonicas of support at this elastic time.”

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