Swine deny influenza “smear”: Pigs to sue

Pigs are starting a class action lawsuit against humanity. A Spokeshog complained: "The latest slight against our character is naming the new influenza "swine flu". The porcine fraternity is deeply distressed about this. We’re already a byword for poor hygiene, now you want to blame your latest illness on us: it’s too much. There is also that small matter of killing and eating several billion of us, but we’ll overlook that for now. We don’t want people to think we’re too negative.”

A Spokesslaughter for the livestock industry replied: “Mmm just looking at you makes me think of bacon, with added bacon. Hand me that knife, and you, Mr Pig, please stand still”

A replacement Spokehog said: “This is just the sort of thing our lawsuit is meant to highlight. I bet there’s not too many humans that get eaten as part of their legal action”