Monsanto unveils Human-Republican hybrid

Carcinogens-R-Us company, Monsanto, has unveiled it’s new Genetically Engineered product, the ‘Repubman’ -as one leading Republican

commented “We’ve tried all sorts of hybrids before- Sarah Palin was our Elk hybrid. We didn’t try that again.  A lot of the public were catching on to the fact that our Congressmen acted like sheep.  We were close to being exposed.   It’s great we though of adding human genes.  Even I thought they looked sort of like people.”

 “Frankly, some of our experiments have been an embarrassment. Take Rush Limbaugh, a deranged monkey-walrus hybrid.  Sure, he’s got the bottom ten percent of the gene pool to agree with him about everything, but  the problem is, they haven’t got any money.  There’s one thing that unites all Republicans, of whatever species, it’s enthusiasm for cash.  Do you think we’d be supporting scum like Health Insurers and Halliburton otherwise? We may be greedy, but we’re not insane- well, not many of us any way.”

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