Recession Over: Consumers Ready for More Rubbish

The world’s consumers are again ready to spend, spend, spend.  Kathy, putting the gross back into GDP gushed: “I’m getting that Armani toaster  I've always dreamed of. I’m also lashing out on an iPad for the dog, when I can get it.  The dog’s jealous; after all, the cat has an iPhone.  Do you think the goldfish would look good in Yves Saint Laurent?”

Proving that rubbish accumulation is an equal opportunity sport, Mathew enthused.  “At last!, I was just waiting for the official news, now I can get that Jet ski, I’d been vaguely thinking about.  This will fulfill my lifelong dream of riding around the water in circles, while blasting eardrums to shreds. I certainly look forward to letting it gather dust when I get bored with it in a month’s time. It will keep the dune buggy, boat, and canoe, company.  Hmm, think I need a new garage, this one’s getting really cluttered.