Latest Vaccine Scare: Flu-Vax contains Bogeyman, Girl Germs.

The nation was today reeling from new scares about swine flu vaccine.  According to the normally

reliable source, often quoted by anti-vaxers, “Some guy on the internet” not only will the vaccine cause heart attacks, but is now implicated in the presence of the Bogeyman.  A spokesrumour for the anti-vaxers  exclaimed, “Arrghhh!! The Bogeyman!!!, run for your life. He’ll eat us all”. According to anti vaccine sources, the Bogeyman has been sighted outside medical clinics, pharmacists and all places the new vaccine is dispensed. Police have reported many suspected, though no confirmed, cases of Bogeyman related deaths and hideous, unspeakable maulings.

In new revelations, the nations playgrounds were alive with reports of the Flu vaccine containing “girl germs”. Said eight year old Luke. “I saw it with my own eyes.  As soon as my friend Jason had the needle, he was playing with dolls, and wearing pink.  It made me cry.” The spokesrumour for anti-vaxers remarked: “Arrghh!! Girl germs, run for your life”