Greeks and Russians Open New Vowel Exchange Market

A Greek literary spokeshomer, Mr Kotsiopoulos, put it like this: “A quickglance at my name and you can guess we Greeks have a surplus of vowels. The Slavic nations, and my trading partner Mr Myrstnskst in particular, obviously have a great shortage of vowels and too many consonants. We therefore compliment each other perfectly. After we have imported some consonants from the Russians, I can rename myself Kotski, which, lets face it, is more elegant. Mr Myrstnskst will be able to call himself Mr Mostkisss, which means your tongue doesn’t have to do gymnastics to pronounce his name, surely a win, win situation".

Vladimir Putin, who has a suspiciously vowel infested name for a Russian, welcomed the move as “enriching the Greeks with our precious Russian consonants”

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