Following the success of Vista, Microsoft introduces Windows Nag

The continual nagging of Windows Vista has been so popular (Do you

want this human to access the keyboard? repeat the lords prayer backwards if Yes) that Microsoft has introduced a new version, modelled on a Jewish mother; its’ so called hyper-nag technology. (Did you put on your thick socks?, its cold out you know). It has all of the demented paranoia of Windows Vista (Do you think you should be sitting so close to the window, what about snipers?), but with a maternal twist (make sure your bullet proof vest has a cotton underlay, you know you get rashes), hyper-nag technology is expected to take off in a big way.

Microsoft nagging technology has been in development for more than a decade, starting with Office Assistant (I see you’re writing a letter!! Let me stop you with some cheesy graphics and irrelevant advice!!, Thanks!), continuing on through Windows XP- (You do want to update! Don’t you? You’ll go to hell if you don’t update, and switch that firewall on now!), on to Vista (Don't plug that it, it could explode then who will look after your computer?)

The small number of beta testers of Windows Nag that still possessed the power of speech were looking forward to curling up into a foetal ball and never touching a computer again.

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